Finding sustainable, value-added solutions

Astins is passionate about sustainability and focuses on three key elements of responsibility: environmental, social and economic.

Our clients are constantly seeking sustainable and value adding solutions. In response, our sustainable initiatives minimise costs and deliver a quality result to each client, more efficiently, cost effectively and in a way that’s environmentally friendly.

Reduced costs to clients

We operate efficiently with streamlined procurement and supply chain processes, best practice communications and information security to deliver more sustainable results and reduced costs to a project and organisation.

Reduced environmental impact

Because our key environmental impact is waste generation, especially plasterboard waste, we continually explore innovative ways to reduce off-cuts. Our Environmental “Kaizen” Continuous Improvement team focuses on the implementation of waste reduction methods. These are just some of the ways we minimise our environmental impact by reducing off-cuts:

  • We analyse designs and order bespoke material wherever practical
  • Our award winning ‘eco-door’ minimises both the need for off-cuts and allows the use of off-cuts from other areas
  • We construct Green Rooms for storage of sized and sorted plasterboard and metal cuttings so we can re-use off-cuts
  • Mobile pallets are one of the recent initiatives helping us to use off cuts more efficiently and therefore to minimise waste on site at New Southern General Hospital in Glasgow 2013

Improving environmental performance

We are actively engaged in environmental events to ensure that we are aware of the latest industry trends that helps us improve our performance. Astins is proud to be a Silver member of The Supply Chain Sustainability School where we actively participate and constantly improve the performance record to be able to deliver sustainable solutions to the clients. We regularly pass an online assessment to ensure we constantly improve our performance.

  • Astins is accredited to A Silver National Recycling Star for 2013

Opportunities for all

From equality and diversity to corporate community involvement, we are committed to making Astins a great place for all our employees. We take good care of clients, suppliers, local communities and all other business stakeholders. We always try to use local labour for both construction and operation on many of our construction projects, such as hospitals and schools.

Astins Sustainable Timber Policy 07 05 14

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