The Story So Far


Astins’ turnover

Confirmed as £44 million in 2013.

Going forward Astins plans to continue its global growth.

1.5 million man hours without a reportable accident achieved.


Astins goes global

In 2012, Astins went global and secured a large internals package at The New Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm. Once completed, this iconic project will be the largest hospital complex in Europe.

Astins’ turnover was £28 million.

Client: Skanska
Scope: Internals
Date: Nov 12 – 176 weeks
Value to Astins: £18m
Project case study
The New Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm


£25m turnover

By 2009 our turnover had reached £25m and the £1 million Astins Institute was built.

Astins also won their first externals project.

Client: Bowens
Scope: Externals
Date: June 09-July 09
Value to Astins: £47k
Astins Institute


First airport project

In 2005 Astins secured their first Airport project. Since then, Astins has worked on every terminal at Heathrow.

Heathrow T5B:

Client: Mansell
Scope: Internals
Date: Jan 05- June 06
Value to Astins: £2.6m
Project case study
Heathrow T5B


Astins went national

In 2002 Astins went national by securing its first project outside of the south east.

Castlepoint retail project

Client: Kier Build
Scope: Internals
Date: Sept 02-Dec 03
Value to Astins: £1.5m
Castlepoint retail project


Astins first large hospital

In 2001 Astins had secured its first large hospital project.

Farnborough Hospital

Client: Taylor Woodrow
Scope: Internals
Date: June 01 – Feb 02
Value to Astins: £4.6m
Farnborough Hospital


Office move

By 1997, Astins moved offices to Croydon and had turned over £1.25 million.


The start of Astins

Astins as a Company was formed by Dominic Tutt and Mark Pettit in 1996 – in Mark’s front room in Bromley!