Efficient and effective systems that guarantee our work

Raising the profile of Quality and Environment throughout our business and  industry is essential to Astins’ continued success.

We operate an integrated management system called QHEST: Quality, Health, Environment, Safety Together. By combining requirements for Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental compliance into one set of efficient and effective procedures, QHEST provides total reassurance that our work meets the best quality standards.

Astins performs internal quality audits and independent quality inspections on every project as standard. This ensures Astins delivers work of high standards and unfaltering consistency across every project; enabling us to assess the effectiveness of our systems, processes and procedures; and allowing us to identify and implement opportunities for improvement.

We target improvement on common defects through systematic site audits and a unique ’85 Point Plan’ system that identifies 85 potential quality defects on a complete partition. This plan provides Astins with a robust process which forms the basis of our quality assurance work, allows evaluation of training effectiveness on a group or individuals and provides feedback data to shape future training programmes.

This plan is supported by our internal “Kaizen” (“continuous improvement”) team, who support the Astins Quality and Environmental teams in identifying and implementing improvement opportunities.

Build it right first time

Astins promotes good practice and our philosophy of “build it right first time” through intensive, in-house inductions and training. We ensure our people hit the ground running and start performing right from the start.

We communicate and drive our high standards and high expectations to our work force through inductions at our Astins Institute. Inductions include modules on:

  • MAD (Make a Difference behavioural training)
  • Manual handling
  • Use of saws
  • Use of nail guns
  • Working at height
  • Environment
  • Quality

Site-specific training

Astins provides training for apprentices and staff to ensure work is always site-specific and to the highest standard. We set up training rooms on our construction sites where possible, and produce a series of site-specific benchmarks so operatives understand the design details of the project.

Quality Awards

At Astins good work is rewarded. Through our Quality Award scheme we identify individuals who have excelled on each project and reward them.

Quality Policy