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Investing in sustainable construction

Astins is constantly looking for sustainable products that offer an alternative to traditional construction products.

ECOdoor – A breakthrough in door design

Specially developed by Astins’ in-house design team, ECOdoor is an innovative enhancement that drastically cuts the volume of metal and plasterboard waste on site. Our improved door design reduces the amount of cutting needed to form door openings, making it safer to build while significantly the lowering the level of materials waste created on site by 20% or more.

The benefits are immediate: by saving the quantity of plasterboard and metal required by up to 20% per door, material costs are reduced and productivity increased for the internal fit-out phase of a construction project. Waste disposal costs are also proportionately reduced and the embodied carbon emissions on a project lowered.

Tested and approved by the BRE and signed off by the plasterboard manufacturers, ECOdoor offers cost, safety and environmental advantages that benefit every project they are used in.

How it works

“We have reduced the amount of metal stud needed as the Eco stud is a heavier gauge than the traditional stud previously used, which needed 2 or 3 lengths together to give you the strength required to support the walls and doors. Also we expect to save on off cuts of plasterboard as the fixing and cutting method is different”.

Steve Rennie, Project Leader at Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery (KIMS)

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