Creating innovative and adaptable solutions

Astins has an established in-house team of experienced designers.

Our design team offers many years of experience and expertise; especially as team members have often previously worked for the manufacturers of the systems we build.

Client-focused collaboration

One of our strengths as a business is the detailed interdepartmental collaboration that informs our design process. Multi-disciplinary teams work together to maximise the efficiency of the build, to innovate and to add value for clients. Our close working relationships with manufacturers and suppliers also leads to a quick turnaround of solutions for our clients.

Adaptable support

A range of levels of design service are available depending on project or client needs, including:

  • Project specific tender support indicative design proposals
  • Detail project specific technical submissions
  • Benchmark installations and Quality Control samples for client approval
  • Design support and advice at all stages of a project to all our potential clients (Main contractors, Architects during project procurement / tendering / contracts.)
  • Production of all relevant documentation during and after projects (detailed drawings and specifications, schedules, calculations, testing etc.)

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Astins is moving towards Building Information Modelling (BIM) integration.

The BIM innovative concept uses virtual construction of a facility prior to its actual physical construction. Using virtual construction we can simulate and analyse potential impacts in order to reduce uncertainty, improve safety and work out problems in advance of build.

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