Main Contractor: Canary Wharf
Project Value: £3.7m
Commencement Date: May 2017
Duration: 50 weeks
Sector: Commercial
Scope of Work: Partitioning, Dry lining, and Ceilings

Astins secured the contract to deliver the Dry lining, partitions and ceilings at the Southbank commercial project for Canary Wharf Contractors.


The well-known Shell Centre Tower will remain the centerpiece of the new site. Eight new additional buildings will be built by the tower. The development is planned for completion in 2019 and will include offices, homes and retail spaces.

Astins Benefit

This project was a strategic business move for Astins. We were yet to work with Canary Wharf Contractors prior to the project taking place, therefore we were keen on securing the package for this job.

We offered competitive rates, but focused on attention to detail on how to build. We were also responsible for getting the client to change manufacturer to aid in the costing. An interesting fact about the scopes of work is that there are no ceilings in the office spaces, instead there are exposed structural surfaces.