Nya Karolinska Solna – Stockholm

Nya Karolinska Solna is the largest hospital complex in Europe. This is Astins first project outside of the UK.

Main Contractor: Skanska Healthcare AB
Project Value: SEK 180m
Commencement Date: November 2012
Duration: 184 weeks (end Feb 2016)
Sector: Hospitals
Scope of Work: Phase 5 Internal partitions including lead linings package

Astins Bygg AB in Sweden is very optimistic about its first overseas venture.  We are working collaboratively with our client Skanska Healthcare AB and forging new relationships with local suppliers. With the current support we are receiving from the UK Head Office and our sites across the UK, we are confident that we will meet our scheduled milestone dates and achieve the targets set.

The Astins Benefit

Astins are committed and motivated to introduce a successful and practical Waste Reduction Scheme and we are working closely with Skanska to implement Lean Construction initiatives across the project. The New Karolinska Solna project maintains extremely high standards across areas of design, quality and construction incorporating lean construction initiatives and strict environmental policies: Astins is determined to meet these high standards.

In August 2013 Astins Bygg AB team at The New Karolinska Solna project, Stockholm won Skanska’s monthly Health and Safety award for the fourth time in that year. Proving time and time again to be top of the Skanska’s league. This is a tremendous achievement for Astins and one we are very proud of.  To win the award we had to achieve a higher standing than the 24 other trades on site. Phil Troope, Astins Construction Manager in Sweden said “Along with our hall of 3 monthly awards (February, March and June) and the shield for quarterly award for the 2nd quarter of the year, this is a magnificent achievement.”