Doug Pedersen

Doug Pedersen

Commercial Lead

Doug is the Commercial Lead for Astins. His commercial responsibility extends to both Pre and Post contract works. Doug has extensive knowledge in procurement, contractual arrangements and construction techniques. He is also responsible for overseeing a team of twenty quantity surveyors and is passionate about training the next generation of construction industry professionals.

Doug joined Astins in September of 2017 and brings with him over thirty years of main contracting experience. He has worked for some of the most renowned Construction companies, whose projects span both the UK and internationally. Having had an abundance of experience from the Main contracting sector, Doug is able to provide useful insight of the commercial needs and wants of our clients.

Landmark projects that Doug has been involved with include: National Gallery, One Hyde Park, Francis Crick Institute, Heathrow Terminal 2, Nordic Data Centre’s and Battersea Power Station.


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