Equipped for excellence

Equipping our people with essential skills is crucial to delivering the quality that our clients require.

The Astins Institute is also about impacting the construction industry by:

  • challenging expectations
  • driving innovation and change

We do this by training our people to learn about the industry and deliver exceptional client service. Initiatives such as our Kaizen Continuous Improvement team add to our dedication to constant improvement and innovation.

Training pays

Our £1m investment in the Astins Institute represents a commitment to our belief that “training pays”. We’ve seen for ourselves in a significant increase in quality and productivity in our staff since the opening of the Institute.

The way forward

We’re also working with our partners to demonstrate this to the industry. We’re convinced that our approach is the way forward and that better training should be available to everyone.

Apprenticeship programme

We run a successful apprenticeship programme at the Institute. We’ve also provided thousands of hours of skills development training for our existing people, as well as for clients and other business partners.

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