What our clients say about us

Our clients expect exceptional performance from us with good reason:

  • Astins has won 23 major industry awards since 2012
  • We continually achieve high client satisfaction scores

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  • “ It has been a real pleasure working with you in developing the design and resolving day-to-day issues. Your diligence to detail and persistence, along with others from your office that attended the design workshop meetings, has been great.”


  • “ Astins are the first trade contractor in my experience who has taken environment directly to the workforce. I was delighted to be involved myself and your efforts have encouraged other trades to treat environmental issues as business issues, especially regarding the use of resources and minimising waste.”


  • “ The Astins team from management down to labourers were approachable, co-operative and overall excellent to work with. Clients comments on build quality were very positive.”

    Brookfield Multiplex

  • “We recently worked with Astins on a major UK infrastructure project: We faced many complicated logistical and coordination challenges, working on a large site with a very small and congested footprint with significant design challenges along the way.

    Astins worked in partnership with us throughout this, adopting a cooperative and collaborative approach that went beyond what was expected in order to deliver a quality product within a very challenging programme. Throughout this period they took the lead in their approach to safety with high quality management and supervisory staff who were visible on the job.

    They recognised and rewarded members of their team for excellent safety performance and provided regular training sessions for their staff on behavioural safety as well as technical equipment training. A pleasure to work with and thanks again to Mark Bean, Scott and the rest of the team.”

    Ben Giles (MSCP Heathrow Laing o Rourke)