5 Million RIDDOR Free Hours Worked

This month Astins passed five million man hours since our last RIDDOR reportable accident, an achievement which has vindicated the efforts made by Astins to create an attitude to safety which is both positive and forward-looking. It reflects how we have made it a priority to provide all our staff with the knowledge to minimise risks to their own safety and the safety of those around them. This prioritisation of safety has involved the development of our own in house training which assures that all our staff receive the correct training for the task which they are expected to perform.

Astins keep to the forefront of safety through innovations such as our behavioural safety card game ‘gambling with your safety’ which helps to educate site staff on risk prevention. In addition we have implemented the first large scale use of 900mm boards on a dry lining project in the UK and the pioneering use of visual method statements.

We also recognise the importance of health, providing staff with the appropriate equipment, training and information gathered from occupational hygiene monitoring to prevent long term health damage. These measures alongside others have created and will continue to ensure a strong and visible culture of safety and wellbeing within Astins. A culture which has contributed to this milestone and ensures that these efforts will continue in order to provide our staff with the knowledge and equipment to work in as safe a manner as possible.

The graph below shows the accident frequency rate from 1998 through to 2018.