Astins moves to improve MAD Safety training

Astins have been working with a Behavioural Psychologist to help improve the effectiveness of our ‘Make a Difference’ MAD training.

Astins are interested to understand why individuals still take risks at work even though they have received all necessary training and are aware of RAMS, policies and obligations on site.  Studies have shown 96% of all accidents in construction can be tied back to an individual’s behaviour and as such improving behaviour on site is key to reducing accidents to an absolute minimum.

Behavioural Psychologist, Sarah Cudmore, works with others in the construction industry such as Knauf, Carillion, Taylor Woodrow, N G Bailey, Bovis, Hilti and Collins Construction, specialising  in understanding and changing ‘softer’ organisational and cultural aspects of work to improve performance. Sarah has been working closely with Astins’ Matt Johnson, Paul Hayter and Denis Barnes to look at what improvements can be made to our existing MAD training to tackle the impact of people and their behaviour on safety.